Our Commitment

In recognition of the need to preserve the world in which we operate and serve our clients, Waste Management is dedicated to practices and programs that pay respect to, and lessen the affect of our footprint on the changing environment. Waste Management’s sustainability-driven approach to conducting business responsibly is a fundamental part of this commitment. We are committed to evaluating our every day business practices and to creating new benchmarks for our services through environmental initiatives, on both corporate and client levels.

  • Sourcing environmentally responsible services and products.
  • Purchasing organic, environmentally friendly and recycled supplies, whenever possible.
  • Creating partnerships with other organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to preserving the environment.
  • Leading our associates to apply eco-friendly practices in their daily operations.
  • Remaining innovative in our services and solutions.
  • Implementing tools that allow us to continually measure the progress of our environmental efforts.
  • Providing quality on-the-ground support and tenant training to our clients to reinforce procedures and guidelines and instilling a greater appreciation of program benefits.

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